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And welcome to the home of the Choctaw Maid. A little about myself. My name is Carolyn, and I am a mother of one, grandmother of three. I am a Hairdresser and own my own business. My husband Fred also is self employed.

I have many interests, and am true to my Native Indian origins. My love of my life, (besides my grandchildren) is my Great Dane, Sheba. She's my baby, and such fun to be with. Life is never boring with the "She-girl" around. It's like having a three year old in the house all the time.

I love being outdoors, in the woods, gardening or just walking, and make great use of our wonderful mountains.

I'm very interested in Private Investigations, and am looking into a career change after almost 14 years of doing hair. Digging in and uncovering the "hidden" truths is a gift of mine, and a past time that will make me a good living. I've done it for free so long, that it's high time I make money at it! *S*

I have ICQ and PowWow, and am a great person to know. I'm friendly, warm, kind and conciderate. So if you have either, feel free to look me up and chat a while. Only one thing to remember..... I don't play games, and am not looking for a "Cyber love!"

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