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Welcome to my page of links

Here you will find links to pages that interest me as well as pages of my family members. Take your time, look around and then be sure to go back and sign my guest book. Let me know what you think. If you'd like to see a link here for something else. Let me know.


I love to go downtown Pittsburgh to the Strip District. It's a great place to buy fresh produce, great coffee, gifts, collectables and just generally tool around. I can and do spend hours upon hours here, shopping and just watching people. Pittsburgh is a beautiful city. I'm glad to call this area "Home". To visit the Home Page for the Strip District Click here . Or if you'd like to start at the beginning, and go to the Home Page for the Great city of Pittsburgh...Click here.

A few months ago, My Uncle, Husband, Daughter and I signed up with an MLM. The name of the company was "OneSource World Wide Network". Jim Fobair was the founder. Not long after we put a lot of money, time and effort into building our "businesses", the man closed up shop. He shut down the office without a warning, packed up with his girlfriend Lynda Howard, and moved to California to start yet another MLM called "Results International". In my opinion, this man pulled a "scam". Not only do we no longer have a distributorship, but we lost all quarantees and a lot of money! To read more about this man, his products and businesses... Click here.

I have one daughter, her name is Roni. Her web site can be found by Clicking here

My son-in-law's name is Doug, he's a Marine, stationed at Camp LeJeune North Carolina. To get to his page dedicated to POW's and MIA's Click here.

The oldest of my three grandchildren is Justin. He's an aspiring pilot. We had the extreme pleasure (and some times the EXTREME headache) of his living with us for the school year last year. To see his page, dedicated to the Civil Air Patrol, (of which I am a 2nd Lieutenant)Click here

My youngest grandchildren are Mitchell, age 5 and Devrie, age 21 months. They have a great site for lil ones to play. To visit them Click here.

That's about it for now. Stop by again some other time, as I will be updating my page every now and then.

Take care, and God Bless!

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